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Tim's Fountain Riverscape

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Copper Fountains - Tim's Fountain Riverscape
Copper Fountains - Tim's Fountain Riverscape
Copper Fountains - Tim's Fountain Riverscape
Tim's Fountain Riverscape: $3950

This is a recently created fountain that I built for my dear friend Tim Halpin and his family. Tim is a great friend and a total fun loving guy. When he and his wife opened up a nursery school I built this fountain for him as a birthday present. It is designed to be entirely kid-friendly; it has no sharp edges and beckons a young mind to wonder about where is the water coming from.

I love the silly kid spirit that this fountain espouses. I found it to be one of the more creative endeavors I have done in several years; like the additions of the pipes and the dams, these are all new and playful water dynamics for me to utilize. I hope that maybe someday some kid will look at this fountain and decide to go on and build their own; to keep the playful spirit of fountain building alive, long after my time creating on earth is passed.

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