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Custom Work - Space Traveler

Copper Fountains -  Space Traveler This fountain was inspired by Anousheh Ansari and her trip into space. It was not so much that Anousheh went into space, but more about what she said while there and the global dialogue that began from her journey. Anousheh Ansari encourages people to not live within the constraints of their world but to use their imagination and listen to their inner voice to CREATE the world they want and live from their heart and their dreams.
Copper Fountains -  Space Traveler It appears that there is a global consciousness that seeks to befriend all of humanity. Anousheh Ansari is one of many many people who are a catalyst to positive change in the world.
Copper Fountains -  Space Traveler This fountain was meant to look like a Soyuz space capsule landing on Earth, but in its completion, I can't help but see the shape of a water droplet or a tear, like the millions of tears of joy and belief that were brought to this world as one person shar ed the fulfillment of her childhood dream. May you shine on Anousheh!
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