Brian "Fountain arrived, looks fantastic - will be trying it out soon. Again, fantastic piece of art - Thank you - Enjoy the New Year"

Krina Laverda, Ozone Park, NY "Hi David, I received my fountain today, and it is truly a unique piece of art! I love it, and the soothing sound it makes! It is very relaxing, and you don't hear the vibrations of the pump at all. Just the flow of calm and serene water! I absolutely adore the rustic look! It fits in to my decor perfectly! It was worth the wait! Thank you for your wonderful creation!"

Chris Tasara, Hollywood CA "Hey David, attached a pic of the fountain. We've shot it several times this week and my cast and crew really love it. Just wanted to thank you again for all your efforts." (See Image)

Holland and Justin Darcy, Colorado "The gorgeous copper fountain of wishes that David designed and created for our wedding was the perfect addition to the rustic elegance of the day. We can hardly wait to have it bubbling away in our backyard, reminding us of our magical weekend and all of the wishes that were bestowed on us." (See Image)

Dawn Horvath Hellertown, PA "Greetings! The fountain is definitely will be focal point of the front garden, and it's given me inspiration to take the final garden design more seriously than ever. We will send pictures. Thank you so much!'

Scott Silverman, Philadelphia PA "David, I was going to Email you today so you beat me to it. The Flame fountain is incredible. It looks and sounds great. It was definitely worth the wait. I think the biggest compliment is my wife's love of the fountain. Installed it in our garden area just in time for a cocktail party we were throwing last weekend. It really set off the space beautifully. All guests were really impressed. Luckily it isn't big enough for anyone to jump into...but that's another story altogether." (See Image)

Arroyo Grande Hospital, California Hi David, The fountain is beautiful, of course! Here are some pictures that you are welcome to use and then email me in a few months when it patinas and I will send you some more. Everyone really loves it. Thank you for your wonderful craftsmanship. (See Image)

Randall Nelson, Parker, CO Hello David, Just a quick thank you for keeping me on your mailing list. Our Tree of Life fountain has been the centerpiece of our patio the last two summers. The copper has aged to a beautiful deep color although I liked the bright color when it was new just as much. The hummingbirds and goldfinches have been happy as well -- often four birds at the same time will drink or bathe within the "leaves". Next summer we will probably add another fountain of yours to our yard as the sound of water has been so welcome during the hot, dry weather this year.

Tina R, Pensacola, FL David, I received the beautiful copper fountain late this afternoon. It is just perfect and just what we wanted. I love the way you fluted each one of the leaves to give them so much character. I am so pleased I found your website. No wonder you have so many beautiful commercial fountain installations -- your work is equally impressive now that I personally have one of your creations. Many thanks.

Betsy Workman, The b-side lounge Boulder, CO To me, adding the b.side fountain to our restaurant/bar/music venue really pulled our space together. The beauty of the water flowing down the brushed metal gives life to the room, while the dancing patterns it produces on the walls and ceiling have become the cornerstone focal point. David is a true artist, and the life he breathes into each unique fountain, is truly felt. (See Image1) (See Image2)

Kathy Thornhill, El Macero, CA We love how the fountain complements our courtyard. In addition to looking nice it has a very gentle and soft sound of falling water. (See Image1) (See Image2)

Maria Anderson, Bend, OR Hi David, Got the fountain up and running and I love it!! The sound is perfect and it looks great at night with the light on. Thanks again so much!

BZ, California As promised, I am sending you pictures of your fountain that we have enjoyed so much over the past couple of years. We love the soothingly melodic sounds that it makes and watching the water-pouring leaves is hypnotic. Best of all, it is virtually maintenance free. Thank you for your beautiful work! (See Image1) (See Image2)

New Life Church, Watertown, NY The fountains are wonderful! Everyone loves them! In fact, we just had our first service in the new building. Though it is far from being complete, we wanted our congregants and the city to get a taste of what's to come. It was imperative for Pastor Kirk that the gardens and lobby looked welcoming...which included your fountains in the front and rear planters. Though they are not a permeant fixture yet, we'll be setting them soon. (See Image)

Andrew Gardner, Haddonfield, NJ David, We've had our Tree of Life with Planter for seven years now and it's as special for us as the day we bought it from you in New Paltz, NY. We keep it in our Family Room and our guests often comment on how beautiful and relaxing it is. Over time, the copper has aged and oxidized with various shades of green beneath the water--this only enhances its natural beauty! Thank you for creating such a lovely piece.

Darcy Vanderlan, Eugene, OR Yes, the fountain arrived and it is beautiful, we (and the birds) are completely enamored with it! We got it set up last weekend, and it truly is the piece de resistance for our new landscaping project. I meant to write you immediately and let you know how much we are enjoying it, but it has been a crazy week and time got away from me a little bit...I'm attaching a couple pictures so you can see your fountain in its new home. Thank you so much for your gorgeous work; it transforms our yard and refreshes our spirit! (See Image1) (See Image2)

Kelly Kerrigan I'm so glad to have found you! It's not easy to find such a variety of beautiful, all copper fountains these days. The water shrine is perfect and currently making itself at home on my back patio where my neighbors and I all enjoy the relaxing music it makes. It sure was a relief during the hot Palm Springs Summer and I can't wait to put the lights in! In addition to it's beauty, it's been a great and effective feng shui remedy to my house. I highly recommend your fountains to all! (See Image1) (See Image2)

Liz Henley, Chicago, IL David you were a cosmic answer to our creative prayers. Your unique copper art transformed our entrance at the Antares Institute of Integrative Health and embodies our mission through a visual medium for everyone who enters our spa. The three dimensional reflective visual effect created by the placement of the two tree of life fountains in our foyer through a glass panel was so real that people continually walked into the glass panel thinking it was one piece. (We have since placed foliage to create a visual barrier). Everyone just loves our fountain and I have received many compliments regarding our signature piece of art. The copper water wall in our yoga studio is just so beautiful and fully highlights the serenity and flow of energy that we were wanting to create. Magically David you created these amazing pieces all through a phone call and captured our vision perfectly. Kudos to you!! (See Image1) (See Image2)

Suzi Newman -- VP & Controller, My Capital Bank I know this has taken a long time, but I wanted you to see the finished product. Everyone that comes to the bank loves the fountain and it is such a compliment to the decor. Thank you so much for adding to our bank. (See Image1) (See Image2)

Larry Glickman -- Executive Director, Temple Chai, Long Grove, IL David, The fountain looks just beautiful. It is hooked up, and it works just great. What a treat it was for me to watch people come to synagogue this Friday and Saturday, and see the fountain for the first time. There was universal and enthusiastic approval. Your mother should be proud. (See image)

Steve Sandberg, New York, NY Hi David, The fountain arrived today - I absolutely love it! Just set it up and it has completely transformed the energy in my over-computerized workspace - will probably order another one for my bedroom in a day or so - Thanks so much!

Nancy Murphy Phillips Optical, Northaven, CT The fountain is gorgeous!! I could not be happier with it, David. Everyone who sees it remarks on its beautiful design and lovely sound. I will send you a photo of it in its new surroundings as soon as I come up for air - it has been a marathon getting settled in and up and running at the new place. Many thanks and blessings, Nancy.

Debbie Scoggins; Custom Wall of Water David, Well it's been 14 months, but we are in the house. I get so many comments about my master bathroom. Just wanted to send a picture so you could see how GREAT your fountain looks in my bathroom. Thank you again for my great waterfall. (See Image)   (See Image)

Douglas E. Olson, Alegent Health, Omaha, NE; Custom Mother & Child The Mother and Children Fountain was dedicated October 9th at Bergan Mercy Medical Center. It looks great, and generates considerable commentary. People really like it. Here is a photo of me with the fountain just after the dedication. Thank you, my friend. Come and see it sometime! (See Image)

Thea Thompson, Hospice of Marin; Tree of Life The fountain you made for the Hospice of Marin was a huge success. I've included a photo of the fountain and its new home. It has been very well received and is constantly commented on by people as they enter the lobby. I couldn't imagine anything other than your 'Tree of Life' fountain gracing this auspicious location. So again, a very heartfelt note of gratitude, for participating on this project. I hope to work with you again in the future. (See Image)

Debbie & John Olin, Bayfield, WI; Water Goddess Here is a photo of our Water Goddess situated in one of our gardens. We are enjoying its beauty as well as the sound and the ambiance created by the lighting at night. Thanks for doing such a nice job for us, it was a pleasure doing business. Best of luck to you and your canine companions. (See Image)

Tim and Lisa Goodman. Goodman Landscape Design Berkley, CA.; 10' Mother and Children The single parent family is operating, lit and...most of all, simply stunning. Given the context and scale of it's surroundings, I cannot imagine a more perfect piece. Tonight I met with the client (Michael), architect (of the interior-we were the landscape architects) and lighting designer. The vote was unanimous. The piece is perfect. Thank you for such a beautifully designed and executed piece of art. It's inclusion into this very special garden has not only made it complete but has helped transform it into something truly exceptional.

You can see how perfectly they sit in their new home. It really is a gorgeous piece happily seated in a loving village with supporting characters ready to embrace. I love it. The fountain, the shapes, the copper from the ground, balances the stone columns in such a magnificent way. It's as if they come from the same place, and live in harmony after all. It can be done! (See Image)

Glenview United Methodist Church, Gleview, IL; Fountain:Helix Flora An update on the fountain: The base is built, the fountain is in, it is running, and it is marvelous! The sound in the octagonal room and the surrounding offices is amazing! The children from the adjacent day care are intrigued by the grand scale of the fountain and the wonderful sound! At night, the lights in the pool add a serene glow to the room. During the day, the light from the skylight shimmers off the shiny leaves! What a joy! Thank you for sharing your creative gifts with us! (See Image)

Denise St.Onge San Francisco, CA; Water Trellis We received the fountain and it is wonderful! And we were really pleased that it arrived so soon. Thank you so much.

Tyler and Margot Baker, Mountain View, CA; Custom Metropolis Our house in Carmel Valley, California, is a very special place for us. It is filled with original art and is in a magical setting, so not just any fountain would do. After months of looking, we finally found David's website and were immediately drawn to the idea of a custom copper fountain. David worked with us to create an original work of art that combines features of some of our favorite features of his other work and is sized to fit our location perfectly. We are very happy with the finished product. It adds beauty and the wonderful sound of water that can be enjoyed both as one approaches the front door and from the living room. (See Image)

Ann and Marty Westreich, Manhattan Beach, CA; Tree of Life David -Well done! It's everything we hoped it would be and more!

Colleen and Roger Peebles; Custom Large Shrine. Hi David, We got the fountain today and it is beautiful!!! We have it lit up as I'm typing to you and WOW, it's great. Thank you so much for making it a special size for us. You are very talented and I know we'll enjoy it for years to come....Take care and we wish you all of the best - it was worth every penny and the wait!! (See Image)

Nate and Tia Hall, Seattle, WA "David, the fountain you made for us has far surpassed our expectations! My daughter and I enjoy the sweet sounds that now fill our home. The look and sound of the fountain gives us a feeling of soothing peacefull serenity. I really enjoy the fact that I can adjust the sound, light and look of the fountain to my mood. Our little corner of nature has drawn many positive comments from guests who have come to visit. You went out of your way to make us happy from the ordering process to the final setup! Very refreshing!" (See Image)

Diann L. Neil Engblade Scottsville, MI "We are enjoying our fountain so much... it creates a wonderful feeling of serenity in our center. I am so glad that I came upon your website and decided to contact you." (See Image)

Mike Kearns Chicago, IL "We received the fountain on Friday, and I finished placing it in our garden this morning before going to work. It's stunning, especially the way the sunlight reflects off the copper. And it looks perfect in our garden." (See Image)

Lyn Sattazahn Phoenix, AZ "David, I received my fountain today and it's just beautiful. I couldn't be happier with it. Thank you so much."

Lisa Blazei, Greenbrae, CA "We ordered a custom fountain as the finishing touch to what has been a 6 year renovation of our home. We have a center courtyard in the house and knew the right fountain would be perfect there. We contacted David, told him what we needed, and he built it to the specifications we came up with. We have it illuminated by three underwater lights, which really do make it amazing at night. But by far the best part of the fountain is the beautiful water-song that permeates our house. It is like a lullaby of water." (See Image)