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Custom Work - Whirley Gig #1

Copper Fountains -  Whirley Gig #1
Copper Fountains -  Whirley Gig #1

Custom Work - Whirley Gig #1

Travis Tuck is an artist who is famous for the weather vanes he created. Travis and I both had the good fortune of learning from Hans Van De Bovenkamp, though in different eras.

Travis encouraged me to go out on my own and become my own artist, just as he had. It is beautiful when two people can share and encourage each other in their life's pursuits. So I did, I went on and have seen my career evolve as I have stayed with it. Sadly my friend Travis passed away.

As I pondered about Travis one weekend I was inspired to create my own concept of a weathervane in his honor, and thus was born my first Whirley Gig. This piece is made out of stainless steel and uses a bicycle pedal for its point of rotation, which was a trick that Travis told me he used to create his first weather vane.

So here you see the beauty in one artist encouraging another, and the joy of art that can transcend lifetimes.

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