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Water Trellis with Lamp
At the residence of Nate Hall - Seattle, WA

Copper Fountains -

This is the fountain that I created for Nate Hall and his family in Seattle. Nate is one of my favorite clients and has become a dear friend.

After seeing me and my fountains in a craft show a year earlier Nate was able to track me down on the net. He came to my studio in WA on a Sunday road trip with his mom. He was delighted to see all the fountains and meet my dogs. During his visit he decide d with much enthusiasm to order the Giant Water Trellis with Lamp. Great, no problem I already had the main fountain in stock so I just had to build the lamp section. Well, a few days later I bring it down to his house just outside of Seattle and to both o f our surprise we discovered that the fountain was way too big for the ceiling height. Ooops.

Copper Fountains - After some conversation about cutting the fountain in half, we decided that it would just be better for me to go back and recreate the smaller version that you see here. I think it was a good choice as this size looks perfect inside, and Nate and Tia seem very happy with it.

Nate has become a close friend and is one of my favorite people to go mountain biking with. Here is a picture of Nate Hall, inspired by his fountain and getting "big air."

My heartfelt thanks to Nate and his family,
Best Regards,

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