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Custom Work - Mother and Child

Copper Fountains -  Mother and Child The Mother and Child came about as a study in the way two overlapping forms can make a larger presence. I have always been drawn to the larger creations, and this format creates for a beautiful and functional fountain.
On the Mother and Child the water clings to the surface of the copper as it makes its way down to the basin. The water tends to move in waves that are a joy to watch as they cascade over the top and travel downward. This fountain is particularly beautiful when illuminated at night with UNDERWATER LIGHTS. Copper Fountains -  Mother and Child
Copper Fountains -  Mother and Child

Aside from its technical components, of course this piece is reflective of the realtionship between a mother and her child and the nurturing time together. It is to be a study in similarity of form and motion as all of life is.

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