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Custom Work - Litanzia

Copper Fountains -  Litanzia

Copper Fountains -  Litanzia

This fountain is a 10 foot high Helix Flora that was made for a client in New York City. It sits in an indoor garden room in a SoHo Loft. The ceiling and glass roof is about 30í high, so the truth of this project was: The Skyís The Limit. I was really e xcited when the call came in, and the client was so sure that he wanted a 10í high fountain. The piece came out great.

There was only one glitch; when I brought it to the building in the city I realized there was no way that we could get it into the loft, the elevator, stairs, and doors, were all too small. When I asked them how they got their furniture in they told me they had to hire a crane and have it brought in through the windows. Well there was no way we were going to haul up this fountain with ropes, although we did discuss it.

Copper Fountains -  Litanzia In the end, I cut the fountain into parts, freeing the uprights from the basin. Can you imagine this 10-foot high fountain on the streets of NYC with the artist cutting it up into pieces. It was quite a New York moment! Once we got the pieces inside, I the n went back to work and put it all back together, thatís one of the really nice things about welding, you can do stuff like this. In the end it was a sterling success, we got some underwater lights for it, and it lights up the whole room with flowing water .
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