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Custom Work - Christian Carson

Copper Fountains -  Christian Carson

Copper Fountains -  Christian Carson

Christian Carson - Water Wurlitzer Custom

Christian Carson is a great guy and old friend. He was the first person to give me a design project and has facilitated several other projects through his store Kings Road Home Furnishings in SoHo, NY.

When Christian bought a new home for himself he decided he needed a special fountain and he knew what he was looking for. He came to me with his design ideas and specs and I created this fountain for him. It has a strong robust sound, which will be good fo r blocking out city sounds and bringing the serenity of water.

This piece has a very cool technical effect where the water comes off in a sheet and is backlit by a low voltage light that is recessed in the basin.

The net effect is a glowing wave of water dancing like magic faeries at night. I call this one the Water Wurlitzer because its shape reminds me of an old fashioned jukebox.

The funny thing about this jukebox is that it only plays one song that leaves you singing in the rain. Thanks Christian for your friendship, patience and trust. Enjoy your new home and your new fountain!

Copper Fountains -  Christian Carson
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